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Phone: (907) 789-1295

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Root Canal Therapy near me

Root Canal Therapy in Juneau, AK

In the past, a tooth with a diseased nerve often meant tooth loss. Today, root canal treatment is a saving grace, preserving your tooth and smile. This relatively simple procedure, typically completed in one to three office visits, can prevent the need for tooth extraction.

Root Canal: Preserve Your Tooth and Smile

Purpose of a Root Canal:

Nerve Sensation: A tooth's nerve provides the sensation of hot or cold but is not vital to its health and function. Infection Resolution: Root canals address infected pulp tissue due to cracks, deep cavities, or bacterial entry. Left untreated, it can lead to abscess formation, pain, swelling, and potential harm to jawbones.

Signs You Need a Root Canal:

● Severe toothache● Pain upon chewing or pressure● Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold● Dark discoloration of the tooth● Swelling and tenderness in nearby gums

Root Canal Procedure:

● Tissue Removal: Your dentist or endodontist removes the affected tissue.● Cleaning and Sealing: The tooth's interior is cleaned and sealed.
Filling: The tooth is filled with dental composite.
● Optional Crown: For extensive decay, a crown may be suggested for added strength and protection.

Post-Treatment Care:

● Maintain oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, and checkups.● Consider a crown for added protection if recommended by your dentist.

Root canal therapy ensures the longevity of your restored tooth. If you experience symptoms or suspect a dental issue, contact our practice promptly. Let us guide you toward preserving your tooth and maintaining a healthy smile.

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